About Us

We are a privately held international recruitment agency specialising in recruiting highly skilled professionals and executives within the life sciences sector throughout Northern and Central Europe.



Pharmadrome was founded by Andrius Dauksa on January 9, 2012, in Barcelona, Spain. Today our headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom, from where we operate in numerous locations across Europe.



We believe that excellent customer experience is an essential component of every success story. As a small recruitment agency, we focus on delivering personalised and high-quality service by taking the extra step to analyse our clients’ needs to achieve the best project delivery and efficiency.



We also believe that productive and successful recruiting must be specialised, as it is the only way to know both employers and job seekers and the most effective way to bring them together. Thus, we focus solely on the Life Sciences industry.



We base our values on trust, honesty, respect and responsibility. The integrity and future success of Pharmadrome are dependent on adhering to the strictest codes of confidentiality, fairness and transparency. That is why we aim to ensure that our recruitment and selection process maintains the principle of merit and consistently delivers high-quality candidates that possess the right skills, knowledge, qualifications, previous experience and personal attributes required for the job.