Market Access

In the past decade, the pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals have become one of the pharma industry’s most significant challenges. With tighter regulations and increasingly sophisticated payers across Europe, cost-effectiveness has become a key consideration alongside safety, quality and efficacy.


The growing complexity of drug reimbursement requires market access professionals to operate across various fields, from health economics to internal planning and external communications. Therefore you will need someone who can deal with this complex blend of elements.

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Market access departments within pharmaceutical companies mainly group financial experts, drug pricing specialists, experts in health technology assessment (HTA), pharmacoeconomists, core value dossier writers and pharmaceutical policy experts, together with marketing specialists.


Market Access Manager


Patient Access Manager


Health & Value Manager


Pricing & Reimbursement Manager


Patient Advocacy Lead


Health Policy Specialist


Health Economics Specialist


Outcomes Research Manager


Government Affairs Manager

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Market Access

Recruitment Services

We provide market access recruitment services to bio/pharmaceutical and medical device companies seeking to identify and attract the industry’s top talent.

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