Pharmadrome is a leading life science recruitment agency in Latvia, serving the hiring needs of the bio/pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in Riga and the rest of Latvia since 2012.


We have been operating in the Latvian market for nearly a decade and have built a reputation as the market leader in life sciences recruitment. Thanks to our extensive recruitment expertise and local market knowledge, our team can deliver quality services in a very challenging market environment.

Half of our recruitment assignments in Latvia are typically Riga based pharmaceutical sales roles, followed by nearly a third in market access and medical affairs. The remaining searches include clinical operations, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance.

Recruitment in Latvia is becoming increasingly more challenging due to the skills gap. Our own experience and various studies show that it is tough to find qualified candidates outside Riga and in the capital itself. Despite a growing number of vacancies, the unemployment rate remains high as employers have difficulty finding the right employees. Thus, to attract the best talent, very often, companies need to raise their salaries.

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We help bio/pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to identify and attract Latvia’s top talent within life sciences sector.

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