Pharmadrome is the only truly international specialist recruitment agency operating in Latvia with the exclusive focus on Life Sciences sector. We have been present in the Latvian market since the company’s inception in 2012 and have vast experience working with the major international pharmaceutical and medical devices companies in the country.

Pharmadrome in Latvia

Pharmadrome is recognised in Latvia for being highly experienced in the life sciences sector. Our team is able to provide quality service as a result of our grasp and deep understanding of the recruitment cycle, trends and Latvian pharmaceutical market knowledge. We have been operating in the Latvian market since 2012 and have built a reputation as the market leader in life science recruitment.

Life Sciences in Latvia

In 2016 the pharmaceutical market in Latvia grew by 11% and reached €369 million in size.

Recruitment in Latvia

Recruitment in Latvia is becoming increasingly more challenging due to the skills gap. Our own experience and various studies show that it is very difficult to find qualified candidates not just outside Riga, but in the capital itself. Despite a growing number of vacancies, the unemployment rate remains high as employers have difficulty finding the right employees. Thus, in order to attract the best talent, very often companies need to raise the salaries.

Over half of our recruitment projects in Latvia are on the commercial side of the pharmaceutical industry, mainly Sales, Marketing, and Market Access. Other areas include Medical Affairs, Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, and Quality Assurance.